from Constellation’s Vimeo site: “An orchestral version of Sarah Neufeld’s Hero Brother album track “Breathing Black Ground”, with string arrangement by Owen Pallett, recorded in the Czech Republic with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague, mixed by Tim Hecker.

Video concept and execution by Brad Todd:

“Breathing Black Ground (Orchestral Version)” is part of the 3-song Black Ground EP, released digitally on 11 Feb 2014 exclusively as part of a Hero Brother Bonus Edition album (the Black Ground EP songs can also be purchased as individual songs from the Bonus Edition listing).

For more information:

Sarah Neufeld is best known as the violinist from Bell Orchestre and Arcade Fire; Hero Brother is her debut album of works for solo violin. Neufeld composes and performs all the pieces on the album, with guest appearance by pianist Nils Frahm on two songs; Frahm also engineered and co-produced the album.

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