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Piperno stones

“It’s a Renaissance music score which follows a Gregorian canon,” said
De Pasquale,
who conducted the study with Csar Dors, a Jesuit expert on
Aramaic, and Hungarian musicologist Lòrànt Réz. – from discovery

AntiVJ presents: MUTEK 2009 from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.


POWEr is a performance based on high-voltage electromagnetic
perturbations, by Alexandre Burton and Julien Roy. Using an
audio-modulated Tesla coil as a live instrument, electrical arcs are
generated and transformed in an ongoing, realtime audiovisual process.
Electricity is used as a subtle yet intense material, manifested as an
instrinsically synesthesic phenomenae.


using the largest existing network, the telephone network, which had
about 500 million subscribers at the time. Using technology he had
constructed himself, he was able to mix calls coming in to ten
telephones in the studios of the WBAI radio station in New York in
different ways, and then broadcast this melange of listeners’ sounds and
noises. Once the listeners who called in had switched their radios on,
he played with the feedback this produced and bundled sounds from
introverted and extroverted callers together.  – reblogged from rhizome

“Talk to me is a physical Web radio. It connects to news Web sites and
reads them out loud using text-to-speech software in a monotone voice.”

…is an audio stream traveling through
the internet since the 1st of july 2010

Work That Clit Cum Girl
a website with a endless cloudy descent…

ennio morricone interviewed over at The Quietus