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Nimbus II (2012) by Berndnaut Smilde. Photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk via neatorama

fabio viale

Infinito by Fabio Viale

carved in marble…
via today and tomorrow

pre-handshake handshake device

via today and tomorrow


“in their series of site specific tape installations, croation design collective foruse/numen
showcased their latest creation at DMY international design festival berlin 2010. although
their tape installations are often conceived as a kind of parasitic object installed into locations
such as old attics, columns of a historical building, or an industrial concrete structure, this
time a custom scaffolding construction had to be made due to location change by DMY.
the result, according to the foruse/numen, translated into a structure reminiscent of a UFO.
the installation was executed within four days (approximately 160 working hours) utilizing
almost 700 conventional transparent tapes (45 km of tape).” – from designboom

soma – carsten höller – 2010

Carsten Höller's SOMA installation

“…From observation posts, visitors watch the behaviour of the canaries,
mice and houseflies for signs of intoxication and form their own
conclusions. “The experiment is completed in the minds of the visitors,”
says Höller. “It’s very unscientific.” In other words, it’s an open
question whether the reindeer are even fed the mushrooms at all: the
power of suggestion makes you likely to observe something that may not
take place.” – from the guardian

chris burden – cars

new chris burden installation

the janus machine

While sitting at the chair in front of the scanner you are bathed in structured light, allowing the shape of your profile to be digitized and archived. This portrait, an attempt to capture your likeness in three dimensions, is compared to a library of other portraits captured in the same manner. From these comparisons emerges an outline of the captured form: a playful perspective on your relationship to others, built from light, inviting you to explore further. – Kyle McDonald

nam june paik’s early tv hack


“Talk to me is a physical Web radio. It connects to news Web sites and
reads them out loud using text-to-speech software in a monotone voice.”