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Terrapattern – 2016

“Created by Golan Levin, David Newbury, and Kyle McDonaldTerrapattern is a visual search tool for satellite imagery. The project provides journalists, citizen scientists, and other researchers with the ability to quickly scan large geographical regions for specific visual features.” – from creative applications.

Satelliten – Quadrature

“…is a custom build machine that brings the invisible movement of passing satellites in lower orbit to a tangible medium and scale.” – from CreativeApplications



Nimbus II (2012) by Berndnaut Smilde. Photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk via neatorama

Infinito by Fabio Viale

carved in marble…
via today and tomorrow

via today and tomorrow


“in their series of site specific tape installations, croation design collective foruse/numen
showcased their latest creation at DMY international design festival berlin 2010. although
their tape installations are often conceived as a kind of parasitic object installed into locations
such as old attics, columns of a historical building, or an industrial concrete structure, this
time a custom scaffolding construction had to be made due to location change by DMY.
the result, according to the foruse/numen, translated into a structure reminiscent of a UFO.
the installation was executed within four days (approximately 160 working hours) utilizing
almost 700 conventional transparent tapes (45 km of tape).” – from designboom

Carsten Höller's SOMA installation

“…From observation posts, visitors watch the behaviour of the canaries,
mice and houseflies for signs of intoxication and form their own
conclusions. “The experiment is completed in the minds of the visitors,”
says Höller. “It’s very unscientific.” In other words, it’s an open
question whether the reindeer are even fed the mushrooms at all: the
power of suggestion makes you likely to observe something that may not
take place.” – from the guardian

new chris burden installation

While sitting at the chair in front of the scanner you are bathed in structured light, allowing the shape of your profile to be digitized and archived. This portrait, an attempt to capture your likeness in three dimensions, is compared to a library of other portraits captured in the same manner. From these comparisons emerges an outline of the captured form: a playful perspective on your relationship to others, built from light, inviting you to explore further. – Kyle McDonald

nam june paik’s early tv hack


“Talk to me is a physical Web radio. It connects to news Web sites and
reads them out loud using text-to-speech software in a monotone voice.”

could be so much more but still, a scarf, why not? make those infernal clocks work for us for a change!

claire morgan

Work That Clit Cum Girl
a website with a endless cloudy descent…

“Working with astronomers from the Mauna Kea Volcano telescope, an
image of ‘ancient darkness’

was transmitted on New York television station MNN. Broadcast
for one minute, it revealed

darkness from the furthest point of the observed universe, 13.2
billion years ago, shortly

after the Big Bang and before Earth existed, when stars,
galaxies and the first light began to form.”

– originally seen on rhizome

photo – Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

700-Hour Silent Opera Reaches Finale at MoMA…

The project uses 30 tons of used clothing and 3,000 stacked cookie tins…

Anytime a computer application renders an image, it
reserves a chunk of memory from the graphics card and fills it with
information which is then drawn to the screen. The memory is released
once this operation is complete, but its contents are not erased. This
is because each application assumes that whoever will next reserve this
memory will overwrite it with its own data.

Scrape works by reserving some memory and
reading its contents without writing anything to it first, thus
collecting traces left behind by recently used programs.

Capri Battery
“This “object” work presents energy by connecting a lemon to an
incandescent light bulb painted yellow. The lemon’s acidity generates a
weak electrical current, causing it to function as a battery, and
illuminate the bulb. Although invisible on the surface of the bulb, the
viewer is led to imagine this “light” as energy being generated. The
pairing of the lemon — having grown storing electromagnetic radiation
from sunshine via photosynthesis, and now, as a detached fruit in the
process of decomposition — with the light bulb presents the existence
of energy as something transformed and transported beyond simple
assumptions of the natural and the artificial, in this unpredictable and
vivid coupling. This was one of BEUYS’ last works. Capri is the name of
the island famous for its lemon production near Napoli.” – from “Light InSight” exhibition site


The Society of the Spectacle (Now in 3D) (2009) – Pascual Sisto (reblogged from rhizome)

One House & 35-40 television sets distributed throughout and all tuned to the same channel. The small flicker of light emanating from each TV is then turned into a ‘pulse’ of light throughout the entire house. As the scenes change, from whatever television program is airing at the moment, the house flashes and pulses as all televisions are in sync with one another. Gives the eerie impressions that the entire house has been gutted to create one vast illuminated space. During commercials it is as if fireworks are going off inside…


This sculpture is a machine that advances two full sized automobiles slowly into one another over a period of 6 days, simulating a head on automobile collision.  Each car moves about three feet into the other. The movement is so slow as to be invisible. It is almost impossible to watch a modern action film without at least one automobile wreck.

ubu web videos

“Jorge Otero-Pailos, contributes The Ethics of Dust: Doges Palace, Venice, 2009. The installation, a latex cast of a wall of Doges Palace, combines techniques of architectural preservation with artistic production to remove and display a century of pollutants.” – from the cca site

Internal noise from a CCD in a light tight box is mapped to audio by sampling pixels in a Quicktime matrix and using those values to manipulate white noise. Software looks for similarity between spectrograms of the noise and a very large set of spectrograms of spoken words. When two are congruent enough the results are spoken by the computer and projected into the space. Software pans across, zooms, and changes the blur, brightness, and contrast of the camera noise, as it looks for hidden images. These are standard EVP strategies for teasing images and sounds from visual and audio noise.” – alan dunning and paul woodrow


Combining Robert Morris’ Box With the Sound of Its Own Making with Baudrillard’s writing on the art auction this sculpture exists in eternal transactional flux. It is a physical sculpture that is perptually attempting to auction itself on eBay. Every ten minutes the black box pings a server on the internet via the ethernet connection to check if it is for sale on the eBay. If its auction has ended or it has sold, it automatically creates a new auction of itself. If a person buys it on eBay, the current owner is required to send it to the new owner. The new owner must then plug it into ethernet, and the cycle repeats itself. – (reblogged from Rhizome)