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Infinito by Fabio Viale

carved in marble…
via today and tomorrow

magnetism visualized – via today and tomorrow

via today and tomorrow

Carsten Höller's SOMA installation

“…From observation posts, visitors watch the behaviour of the canaries,
mice and houseflies for signs of intoxication and form their own
conclusions. “The experiment is completed in the minds of the visitors,”
says Höller. “It’s very unscientific.” In other words, it’s an open
question whether the reindeer are even fed the mushrooms at all: the
power of suggestion makes you likely to observe something that may not
take place.” – from the guardian

Capri Battery
“This “object” work presents energy by connecting a lemon to an
incandescent light bulb painted yellow. The lemon’s acidity generates a
weak electrical current, causing it to function as a battery, and
illuminate the bulb. Although invisible on the surface of the bulb, the
viewer is led to imagine this “light” as energy being generated. The
pairing of the lemon — having grown storing electromagnetic radiation
from sunshine via photosynthesis, and now, as a detached fruit in the
process of decomposition — with the light bulb presents the existence
of energy as something transformed and transported beyond simple
assumptions of the natural and the artificial, in this unpredictable and
vivid coupling. This was one of BEUYS’ last works. Capri is the name of
the island famous for its lemon production near Napoli.” – from “Light InSight” exhibition site