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AntiVJ presents: MUTEK 2009 from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.


“‘The Clock’ is constructed out of moments in cinema when time is
expressed or when a character interacts with a clock, watch or just a
particular time of day. Marclay has excerpted thousands of these
fragments and edited them so that they flow in real time. While ‘The
Clock’ examines how time, plot and duration are depicted in cinema, the
video is also a working timepiece that is synchronised to the local time
zone. At any moment, the viewer can look at the work and use it to tell
the time.”

photo – Evi Numen/College of Physicians of Philadelphia

“Through eyes as blank as a tilapia’s Stephen and Timothy Quay
contemplate a world that is curious, doubtful, beastly and deranged.
These identical twins, 63, have chronicled their world in more than two
dozen richly detailed short and full-length animated films known for
their gloomy beauty and haunting weirdness. ”

“Working with astronomers from the Mauna Kea Volcano telescope, an
image of ‘ancient darkness’

was transmitted on New York television station MNN. Broadcast
for one minute, it revealed

darkness from the furthest point of the observed universe, 13.2
billion years ago, shortly

after the Big Bang and before Earth existed, when stars,
galaxies and the first light began to form.”

– originally seen on rhizome