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Supervisions by Andreas Gefeller

photographs of art school floors – via today and tomorrow

669 of them….

1989 Beijing – Pavel Maria Smejkal

these works are iconic photos with all of the people erased.
originally seen via boing boing


stunning works from his archive – i bought the book years ago, and now someone has put them up – spotted via boingboing…

Anytime a computer application renders an image, it
reserves a chunk of memory from the graphics card and fills it with
information which is then drawn to the screen. The memory is released
once this operation is complete, but its contents are not erased. This
is because each application assumes that whoever will next reserve this
memory will overwrite it with its own data.

Scrape works by reserving some memory and
reading its contents without writing anything to it first, thus
collecting traces left behind by recently used programs.

RGB 3.0 by Noel Kerns.

…finding derelict structures, crawling inside, illuminating them with small gelled lights and photographing them. The images that result have a stillness that says something about decay and the passage of time, but (thanks to the long exposures he often uses) a hint of life in the streaking contrails of stars and headlights flashing past on nearby interstates. – from boing boing +flickr