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Piperno stones

“It’s a Renaissance music score which follows a Gregorian canon,” said
De Pasquale,
who conducted the study with Csar Dors, a Jesuit expert on
Aramaic, and Hungarian musicologist Lòrànt Réz. – from discovery

AntiVJ presents: MUTEK 2009 from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.


“in their series of site specific tape installations, croation design collective foruse/numen
showcased their latest creation at DMY international design festival berlin 2010. although
their tape installations are often conceived as a kind of parasitic object installed into locations
such as old attics, columns of a historical building, or an industrial concrete structure, this
time a custom scaffolding construction had to be made due to location change by DMY.
the result, according to the foruse/numen, translated into a structure reminiscent of a UFO.
the installation was executed within four days (approximately 160 working hours) utilizing
almost 700 conventional transparent tapes (45 km of tape).” – from designboom