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While sitting at the chair in front of the scanner you are bathed in structured light, allowing the shape of your profile to be digitized and archived. This portrait, an attempt to capture your likeness in three dimensions, is compared to a library of other portraits captured in the same manner. From these comparisons emerges an outline of the captured form: a playful perspective on your relationship to others, built from light, inviting you to explore further. – Kyle McDonald

nam june paik’s early tv hack


POWEr is a performance based on high-voltage electromagnetic
perturbations, by Alexandre Burton and Julien Roy. Using an
audio-modulated Tesla coil as a live instrument, electrical arcs are
generated and transformed in an ongoing, realtime audiovisual process.
Electricity is used as a subtle yet intense material, manifested as an
instrinsically synesthesic phenomenae.

Anytime a computer application renders an image, it
reserves a chunk of memory from the graphics card and fills it with
information which is then drawn to the screen. The memory is released
once this operation is complete, but its contents are not erased. This
is because each application assumes that whoever will next reserve this
memory will overwrite it with its own data.

Scrape works by reserving some memory and
reading its contents without writing anything to it first, thus
collecting traces left behind by recently used programs.


Nowhere is a three-dimensional milling machine that carves a
landscape relief on a 70x70x10cm large block of hard foam. The machine
receives a stream of live search requests from the german search engines
metager and metager2 (www.metager.de) via the internet.
The users search movements erode rivers and canyons on the surface.
Search requests that shoot through the internet just for a fraction of a
second and generate an answer on the searchers screen, cause the
machine to write a constant growing sculpture into the space. The
continuous stream of changing search requests defines form and rhythm of
this process.
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