Category: light

united visual artists (UVA) – 2016

“…as an investigation on our subjective experience of the passing of time, united visual artists (UVA) has realized a large-scale installation that plays with the perception of light and space. the work continues UVA’s series of kinetic sculptures that began with ‘momentum‘ in 2013 — a ‘spatial instrument’ that revealed the relationship between expectation and awareness when intersected within a physical space.” – from Designboom

“Jorge Otero-Pailos, contributes The Ethics of Dust: Doges Palace, Venice, 2009. The installation, a latex cast of a wall of Doges Palace, combines techniques of architectural preservation with artistic production to remove and display a century of pollutants.” – from the cca site

RGB 3.0 by Noel Kerns.

…finding derelict structures, crawling inside, illuminating them with small gelled lights and photographing them. The images that result have a stillness that says something about decay and the passage of time, but (thanks to the long exposures he often uses) a hint of life in the streaking contrails of stars and headlights flashing past on nearby interstates. – from boing boing +flickr