shadowplay [2004]

Shadowplay is a collaborative Telerobotic project with Alan Dunning (Einstein's Brain Project). This project consists of two seperate robotic armatures which reside in Calgary (Canada) and Montréal respectively.

These autonomous agents are networked together via max/msp and speak to one another through the Net. The robotic events are backlit and filmed as shadows behind a white screen. The constructions are causal as well, each influencing something else such as the agitation of a plant (in Dunning's case) or the manipulation of photographs (Todd's machine).

Shadowplay imitates a kind of (mytho-poetic) perpetual motion machine as they continuously send data packets back and forth between themselves in a private dialogue, enacting an infinite loop.

There is also an audio feed which is generated through the use of close micing and manipulation in msp, which is then re-broadcast into the exhibition space. The live video of the robotic apparati is projected large, side by side, like a widescreen cinematic display.