:recursive: [2004]

The loop of representation and echo of vanitas...

This work consists of a dessicated old cabinet, webcam, LCD monitor and TX-1 mini PC, running PD for the video/audio modulation.

:recursive: is, as the name infers, a kind of rebus or loop, where representation collapses upon itself in a literal hall of mirrors. The doppelganger of oneself appearing miniaturized and tethered to a repetitive sound pattern elicits latent recollections of myths (such as the golem or narcissus) and exerts on the senses an elemental fascination with the image, like early experiments in cinematic themes and imagery.

The idée fixe of :recursive: throws us into a locked dance with our reflection and acts as a thoughtful rumination on the nature of interactive systems and our relationship to the screen - a kind of contemporary vanitas tableau.