Prometheus (Halo) [2023]

This linear, single-channel video work is composed of images which I have curated from several months of intermittent explorations using an online AI image generator. The prompts used in this process were refined painstakingly over hundreds of iterative design sessions, and the resultant imagery is the culmination of a rigorous editing and selection regime which focused the aesthetic output from the system.

The images are all of lights as seen through veils of mist, fog, rain, blur and numerous other cinematic and photographic techniques, devices and conceits, including anomalies and errors.

The spectre of early photography, from daguerreotypes to pinhole cameras and onwards to the darkly atmospheric aesthetic of Film Noir, inform this collection of re-imagined imagery.

The vast subconscious of the Internet and the millions, if not billions of images in this collective and expansive database of light provide the source material for this recombinant and magisterial exploration of the lux and lumen which is at the very heart of appearance and form.
*The score is composed of various material extracted from electrical lighting, which has been heavily processed as a soundtrack.