Heatsink [2014]

Heatsink is a two screen projection intended for large vertical indoor spaces and outdoor building facades. The system downloads (in real time) videos from youtube which are tagged with custom terms depending on the venue/theme. The ideal presentation uses the tag "protest".

The videos are fed to the second screen and into a large sphere/globe image where it is processed in many ways from custom software running on an iPad. Audio is taken from the videos, and manipulated in real-time, feeding it back to the system where it influences the numerous behaviors of the sphere. There is also a score which is fed to the second screen projection, where it too acts upon the behavior of the sphere.

The project is intended to be a public and performative work, where the urgency of real-time and raw global cellphone uploads intersects with a mediated and processed AV environment, on a monumental scale.

The ideal screening is an installation of the work in which the system runs autonomously.

The project is scored by Ian Ilavsky (constellation records) and myself, with code/implementation by Elie Zananiri.

*Please note that this video is of a very raw beta test, only scratching the surface of its visual potential, using two mismatched projectors in a low ceiling basement with the camera turned on on its side!

Elie Zananiri