ghost [2007]

Ghost is a series of montage pieces, (in the classical sense), and are composed of photos that I have taken in a number of different locales around the world. The project is really a visualization of some of the elemental principles of the way images, when combined, create a “third meaning” in the Eisensteinian sense. There has been much discourse surrounding and framing this primary form of creating meaning from montage, principally in Lev Manovich’s argument that it is at the heart of Digital culture and New Media work.

Advancing from the binary nature of computing systems (0’s and 1’s), to notions of the mirror, Rorschach blots, VJ sets and idealized symmetry, these photographs all stem from the belief that montage, in its filmic/cinematic sense is really the sine qua non of visual expression. I have attempted to create forms which speak to the origin of the source photo and then extend it. The works also, in an even more literal sense become that which they are not such as satellites or space-stations or a cold cipher of tekne (as in the "transformer" ones).

A correlative to this notion is that of the metaphor of vision, the looking at images which we know to be one thing but are persistent in becoming another, like a mirage or Doppler effect. These photo-montages are all archival large format giclée prints on heavyweight paper, printed full bleed. The works are meant to be mounted directly on the wall using rare earth magnets and custom washers. The images are all roughly a similar size, with 35” x 85”-90” being a standard print.