alt_archive [2007]

alt+delete:archive is a work of eight large scale prints of a series of photos which were manipulated live via a telematic installation/website.

These prints are the rescanned and resuscitated traces of the ephemeral photos themselves, which underwent a process of communal graffiti during the initial events.

The works stem from a 2003 project titled "Alt+Delete", and the doctored photos are the results of several screenings (including the Viper new media festival in Basel, Switzerland and le Musée du Québec) where anonymous viewers visited the site on the net and by clicking on one of two buttons in the interface, telerobotically intervened upon the physical image in my studio.

These photo-montages are all archival large format giclée prints on heavyweight paper, printed full bleed. The works are meant to be mounted directly on the wall using rare earth magnets and custom washers. The images are all roughly a similar size, with 43.5” x 63” being a standard print.