Mechanics of Dominion [Visual Album] [2017]

"...while the literal, unembellished video works of celebrated multi-disciplinary artist Brad Todd provide a visual album treatment for all the songs on the new record.
Culled wholly from studious, meditative footage shot with an iPhone, Todd (together with co-editing from Constellation label founder Ian Ilavsky, who also helped mix the album audio) has created a series of patient, unfussy, largely unadulterated video pieces to accompany the album’s dynamic sonic narrative. Each video resides in either rural or urban landscapes; Todd's steady gimlet eye yields meditative, naturalistic explorations of form and texture, solemn juxtapositions of human activity and abstraction in the 'built environment' – and a subtly psychedelic trip through the woods on the album's centerpiece title track (the only video in the series to incorporate touches of surrealism via post-production effects)." - from Constellation Records press release, 2017.

This is series of videos I shot and then edited with Ian Ilavsky for the modern chamber ensemble Esmerine.