Horizon (Honda CR-V 2004) [2016]

These works were all shot in a 2004 Honda-CRV in 2016.

This series of photographs is intended as a reflection upon the vehicle as a locus of experience which has a powerful phenomenological relationship with our senses and being. After a century of fast, autonomous, even anonymous travel, the oft cited "bubble" of the interior of cars is as foregrounded in our collective lives as ever.

This familiar interior, where climate and environment are controlled (and soon the driving of the car itself) at the touch of a button or the sound of a voice, has been heavily marked by popular (and underground) culture. The passage of every conceivable emotion and interaction between persons, nature and culture has been visualized/actualized in film, print and song from the first days of its inception.

Taking cues from this deep physical and conceptual immersion in the dream-space of the vehicle, the photos in this series are to be seen as the merging of visual and material processes made possible by the technology which sits as a scrim between ourselves and the natural and urban. The imagery resulting from this exercise in attention to detail is meant as a critical rumination on the way in which an exterior is mediated and conditioned (both literally and figuratively) by an interior.